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You have a partner to refer to us? Go for it! This could be lucrative for you.

We are extremely proud that 99% of our customers would recommend our services to other colleagues or partners, how about if that recommendation came with a little bonus? Yes! Solpak proudly announces its new referral program: For all references resulting in a sale, you will be entitled to a reward wirth up to 250$. All [...]

17 November 2016|News|

Never forget!

On this Remembrance Day, the Solpak team has a thought for all the veterans who have fought and all the soldiers who are still fighting, never forget their sacrifice.

11 November 2016|News|

Wanna see the latest Thermogo?

Congratulations to our client One Care Home & Community Support Services On their acquisition of their new Thermogo multi-temperature vehicle. After an in-depth study of their transportation needs for their meals on wheels programs and tight co-operation with numerous parties involved in realizing the project, it’s hard to say who was more excited at the [...]

10 November 2016|News, Our clients|

Our electric cars continue to impress!

Just a few weeks ago, we presented our great project of electric car acquisition. Do you remember Richard's exemplary consumption with his Ford C-Max? Well, take notes if you are considering going green because it managed to reach 4.0L per 100 km ... Awesome!

1 November 2016|News|