Congratulation to Resto La Bonne Assiette!

Congratulations to our client Aurore Guerrette and her team at Resto La Bonne Assiette in New Brunswick. First of all, the Resto La Bonne Assiette has obtained two important new contracts in different municipalities of New Brunswick, resulting in the need two new 1308 tray sealers systems. These new contracts are surely not a matter [...]

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Welcome to LunchPails!

LunchPails, is a school lunch caterer serving the Dufferin, Peel and Halton region west of Toronto. It is with great pleasure that we welcome, Sharon Goulden, Jo-Ann Musa and their team. Lunchpails already offer a healthier alternative to their competition, adding extra “hidden” portions of vegetables in their meals and extra seeds and nutrients in [...]

2017-12-10T23:15:12+00:00 20 March 2017|Our clients|

Welcome Entree Plus Foods!

The Solpak team members wish a warm welcome to Astrid Hunter and her staff at Entrée Plus. Family owned and operated, Entrée Plus provides creative menu choices to more than 30 agencies servicing senior customers of their communities by offering them meals that enhance their independent lifestyle. Frozen freshness and convenience, Entrée Plus meals are [...]

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Welcome Meals in Need!

Welcome to our new client  Meals in Need, a new organization organized  primarily to serve the needs of the Chinese community of Toronto. Sara Ching, the main proponent of the program, having worked previously with Oliver's tray sealers and ecological packaging, was looking for the same advantages for the new kitchen being built in the Gibson Centre in [...]

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Welcome to Café Bistro of the Roussin Centre

The team at Solpak wishes a warm welcome to Daniel Gratton and his team at the Cafe-Bistro of the Roussin Community Centre and to all the volunteers at “Les Bons Mangeurs” meals-on-wheels.  The Roussin Community Centre offers more than 200 activities to the population of Montreal East and P.A.T.  It provides cultural and multi-sport installations [...]

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Come and meet us at this year’s RC Show in Toronto!

We are looking forward to meeting you for the first time or reconnecting with some of you we met last year, it will also be nice to talk with those who are already part of the Solpak family, our clients. The RC Show will be taking place at the Enercare Centre in downtown Toronto from Sunday, Feb 26 to [...]

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Welcome L’Entraide de la Vallée

The team members at Solpak would like to wish a warm welcome to our new customer L’Entraide de la Vallée, Nathalie Larche director of operations and all of her volunteers.  Helping close to 400 families in need throughout the Vallée of Gatineau region, L’Entraide de la Vallée provides a food support program that is much appreciated.  They chose to work [...]

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Welcome to “La Chaudronnée du Bel Âge”

The Solpak team want to give a warm welcome to Claire Lemay and the volunteers at La Chaudronnée du Bel Âge who acquired “Thermo” bags and “Hotsheets” to allow them to keep their meals at the right temperature. La Chaudronnée du Bel Âge prepares and delivers 300 meals every week to the people in need. [...]

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