Welcome to our new client Timiskaming Home Support!

Dorothy Malinowski and her team were looking for an ecological meal packaging solution for their new kitchen producing meals on wheels  for the Halleybury District, located near North Bay, Ontario, just near the Quebec border. Even serving 20 to 30 meals per day, 3 days a week, they were eligible for the special equipment program [...]

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Welcome TransCare Community Support Services!

TransCare used Oliver tray sealers and trays, that we distribute at Solpak, for many years before we were even active in the Ontario market. When they needed technical support for their tray sealers in their area, Scarborough, Ambrose Yeung, the program manager found that it was the Solpak team that could offer the service and [...]

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Manon’s return and Trina’s musical chairs

As some of you may have noticed, Manon is recently back from an extended leave of absence.  She is in top shape and happy to get back in the game with the service team.  She will gladly assist you again with your orders, questions on your account and other servicing needs. Trina, who was covering [...]

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We are looking forward to meeting you for the first time or reconnecting with some of you we met last year. It will also be nice to chat with those who are already part of the Solpak family, our customers. The RC Show will be held at the Enercare Center in downtown Toronto from Sunday, [...]

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A new face and closer to you!

Solpak is pleased to announce the arrival of Nicky Martineau as an Advisor, Product and Solutions, to the Solpak team to service and work alongside our Ontario clients. Nicky's strong strategic and business development experience, on the national and regional level, will support our food service clients’ everyday business needs as well as being beneficial [...]

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