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Welcome to our new customer Go Gourmet Traiteur

Jean-François Simoneau, a friend of Solpak for several years, having worked with our packaging solutions with other projects in years past, at La Popessa in Delson and later with his SouperSpag concept, will be using our ecological trays for his clients at Go Gourmet Traiteur, a catering service specializing in healthy meals and meals for athletes, distributed in numerous fitness clubs [...]

2017-12-10T23:15:19+00:00 14 October 2016|Our clients|

Let’s support Garde Manger Pour Tous.

Our client, Le Garde Manger Pour Tous, wished to emphasize their 30th anniversary thoughtfully. That’s exactly what they did on September 20 in Montreal’s entertainment district. As part of their campaign “Aider-nous à remplir le vide” and to illustrate their mission which is to alleviate hunger of school children mainly from disadvantaged backgrounds, they filed [...]

2017-12-10T23:15:19+00:00 29 September 2016|News, Our clients|

Happy 2nd anniversary PATES BOL!

We wish to emphasize the 2nd anniversary of our customer PATES BOL . Congratulations to Gregory and Yoann Dhion for their success. Solpak is proud to be part of their trusted partners. Watch their Facebook page, they will publish an event in the coming weeks! Keep up the good work!

2016-09-14T10:32:08+00:00 15 September 2016|News, Nos clients, Nouvelles à souligner, Our clients|

Welcome Les Alimentations Shnaidman Pagano

Les-Alimentation Shnaidman Pagano is the IGA store on Cavendish in Côte St Luc, a borough of Montréal. Seeking to add value to the butcher shop products, while minimizing food waste, they found that the ideal solution is to offer ready to heat prepared meals. Store manager Daniel Kraft and Richard Noel, as well as the [...]

2017-12-10T23:15:19+00:00 13 September 2016|News, Our clients|

Welcome to L.O.U. Services

Welcome to our new client L.O.U. Services The name of our new client describes their mission perfectly L.O.U. Services is the short version of “Lifting Others Up Services” and indeed Achsah Losier and her team are at the forefront of community support of their Saint-John New Brunswick community providing meals to students and to seniors [...]

2017-12-10T23:15:19+00:00 9 September 2016|News, Our clients|

Welcome La Belle et La Brute

Welcome To Our new client La Belle et La Brute Restaurant Christine Lévesque and Michel Paquet of La Belle et La Brute Restaurant in Mirabel, QC, didn’t hesitate to find a quality packaging solution when they obtained a contract to provide school meals for the children of a nearby school. Having seen the ecological packaging [...]

2017-12-10T23:15:19+00:00 8 September 2016|News, Our clients|

Welcome to Lambton Elderly Outreach

Welcome to Lambton Elderly Outreach Met for the first time at the OCSA conference in October 2015, the organization’s director, Bill Yurchuck was so taken with our ecological solutions and the added benefit of safety and ease of use for their meals on wheels clients that he immediately took pictures of our trays and tray [...]

2017-12-10T23:15:19+00:00 2 September 2016|News, Our clients|

Welcome to the Davis Center of the Region of Peel.

Welcome to our new client, the Davis Center of the Region of Peel, the second service centre for the Region of Peel’s Meals on Wheels program to adhere to the Solpak solution for meal packaging, following their exhaustive research and a general bid process. There will eventually be a third site. For the administrators of [...]

2017-12-10T23:15:20+00:00 8 August 2016|News, Our clients|

Welcome to Maison de la Famille l’Étincel

Welcome to our new client « Maison de la Famille l’Étincel ». Met for the first time at the 2015 annual conference of the PRASAB (the Quebec association for Meals on Wheels), their study of Solpak packaging solutions was started by Tamara Léon. After considering carefully all factors, the new team, under Mme Élaine Théberge, have embraced [...]

2017-12-10T23:15:20+00:00 5 August 2016|News, Our clients|