Welcome to our new client, “Chez Nicolas”

Chef, television personality and cookbook author, Nicolas Moreau, wanted an ecological and practical tray for his prepared meals on sale in his new Repentigny store, which would help him distinguish himself from the competition and reflect the quality of his meals, which are several notches above his competitors. We are proud to share that he [...]

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Welcome to Community Care for Central Hasting!

We are pleased at Solpak to provide you with the heat sealing equipment and trays needed to continue your mission of providing good hot and frozen meals to your community. Community Care for Central Hastings is a not-for-profit volunteer-supported agency serving seniors and adults with physical disabilities. They provide programs and services that enable their [...]

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Welcome to SPLC of St-Paul’s L’Amoreaux centre!

Senior Persons Living Connected delivers on a weekly basis, hot nutritious meals to elders in the Scarborough area.  They also provide meal options that meets the needs of people who are diabetic, as well as foods that need to be chopped , pureed and minced.  Meals are delivered by a team of devoted volunteers.  In [...]

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Did you know that there are risks to bring back the lunch leftovers at home?

It was Mother’s Day recently. I am a mum to two boys aged 1 and 3, and I took the time to reflect on our role. As mothers, our primary role is to protect our children. We do our best each day depending on the situation. This notice is intended therefore as a support to [...]

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Welcome to Freshly Frozen!

The Solpak team members welcome Freshly Frozen into the Solpak family.  The company located in Etobicoke specialize in manufacturing, packing and the distribution of 100% Halal meals to the institutional market, across Canada.  Freshly frozen uses our 1908 automated tray sealer, ideal for production kitchens packing 500 or more meals per day. Welcome to the Solpak [...]

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“Help us fill the void” Benefit Cocktail

Tuesday, May 30, a Benefit Cocktail was held for Le Garde Manger Pour Tous “ Help us fill the void” was the loose translation of the theme of the evening, based on the 3,000 plates that the organisation fills each school day for children in need. The event took place at “Le Richmond” restaurant located [...]

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Welcome, Town of Pincourt!

The Solpak’s team members wish a warm welcome the Town of Pincourt.  Their Recreation and Community Department opted for a more ecological solution by choosing the Green Century compostable plates, drink cups and cutlery when serving food in ecoresponsible events. By doing so, the Town of Pincourt integrates sustainable development principles which contribute to reduce [...]

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Welcome to our new client La Fermette du Paysan

Marie-André Bourassa and her husband, Carl Fonner, having the objective of adding value to their products at the Fermette du Paysan by producing prepared meals, were looking for packaging that would not only be convenient and safe for their clients but also ecologically friendly, so as to represent their personal values. Calculating costs carefully, they [...]

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Welcome to our new client Epicure Catering

Welcome to Rick Krecker and his team at Epicure Catering in Scarborough. Rick had met us at the Restaurant show in Toronto last year and knew where to turn for service and Solpak solutions when he was unable to get satisfactory results from his previous packaging supplier, despite their best efforts. Providing about 200 meals [...]

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Congratulations Le Nordest! Winner of our Thermo Bag.

Congratulations to Melissa Lavoie, responsible for Le Nordest, volunteer centre, winner of our Solpak thermal bag.  The draw to place during the Semaine Quebecois des Popotes Roulantes 2017 which was held from March 26 through April 1 first.  This year's theme was maintaining home support one meal at a time. We are confident that your [...]

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