Welcome to the Popote Roulante d’Alma!

After seeing demonstrations of tray sealing at the annual meetings of PRASAB ( the organisation of Meals-on-wheels programs of Québec) and having reached the volume of meals required to benefit from Solpaks special programs for non-profit organizations, Jasmine Gagné and Stéphanie Gagnon achieved their objective of using a more ecological packaging solution for the meals [...]

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Welcome to Mezza Luna Cooking School!

The Solpak’s team members wish a warm welcome to Elena Faita, owner of Mezza Luna cooking school and Quincaillerie Dante.  Elena opted for a more ecological solution by choosing Green Century compostable plates, drink cups and cutlery when serving food in class to her students. Since 1993, Elena, backed by a crew of well-renowned chefs, [...]

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Solpak : Official canadian supplier of Oliver baking supplies

With more than 10 years of experience with Oliver products, Solpak now adds another tool to its toolbox: Oliver bakery equipment. Whether it is to purchase equipment, to replace blades or a need for maintenance we are here! Ask to speak to one of our advisors or simply request an online catalog. Need maintenance or [...]

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Welcome to 2 new Home & Community Support of Grey Bruce sites – Southampton and Walkerton

The Home and Community Support of Grey Bruce were already clients for their main location in Owen Sound, Ontario, and wanted to extend the benefits of their Solpak Solutions, the ecological benefits of compostable trays and the safety and convenience of the meal packaging for their clients to the to their other operations  in nearby [...]

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Welcome to Buddy’s Gourmet

Welcome to Frank Bozzo and his daughter Melany of Buddy’s Gourmet in Concord, Ontario. They have equipped themselves with a 1308 model Oliver tray sealer in order to supply their meals to retail outlets in the Toronto area. Using Solpak’s ecological packaging solutions will allow them to discuss important new contracts with local groups looking [...]

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Welcome to Alphabet Kids!

The Solpak team members wish a warm welcome to Tasma Reny and her staff.  Alphabet Kids have been supporting active families across the York, North York and Markham regions by offering them a wide selection of balanced school meals.  Thought a convenient online platform, customer can make their selection of meals and plan their delivery [...]

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