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Hotsheet System


Meals can now be heated during transit time with the Hot Sheet! Designed to plug into a vehicle convenience receptacle (cigarette lighter), meal temp will be maintained or increased up to point of client delivery. Partnered with our Ultra-Lite Meal Mover, delivering hot meals is made easy!


  • Will fit in most meal transport devices
  • Surface temp of hot sheet is at full temp of 160° – 175°F after only 8 minutes!
  • Flexible to form to shape of meal carrier
  • Increased or maintained meal temperatures during transit.
  • Heater is 8.5” x 18” and is designed of moulded silicon rubber.
  • 18” cord extends from one corner of Hot Sheet with connector to attach to 8′ extension harness with plug
  • Our double harness has a Y cable to allow two Hot Sheets per one plug, therefore heating two bags at a time.

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